A new Point of Sale system, designed with small business, front and center.

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RedCow Point of Sale is a productivity-centric POS system!

Includes many features, that provides streamlined day-to-day operations, customized output options, and growth options for organizations on the rise.

Start-up Support

Need help getting started? Customers get access to support video library explaining how different pieces of the system work.

The right moving parts

Many POS and customer management systems provide too many features, making it difficult to use. RedCow POS provides all the basics to help you be productive.

Personalized Setup

Each POS system is setup by an engineer who knows the system in and out, and tests each deployment for proper setup before you see it, eliminating problems that often occur within automated setup processes.

Centralized Data

Our servers store the database, so you don't have to. This allows POS systems to be setup anywhere with internet connectivity, allowing your organization to grow and move as you wish.

Your computer, our software, your business.


Single Store

$149/ pm

  • Streamlined Order Process
  • Hosted Database
  • Shop Inventory Management
  • Product Creation
  • Customer Management
  • Simple Reporting & Invoicing
  • User Management & Roles



$209/ pm

  • All Single Store features
  • Centralized Database
  • Up to 3 Consoles
  • +$50/m per additional console


Multi-Store Management

$499/ pm

  • Up to 3 Single Stores
  • Organizational Management Software
  • Organizational Inventory Management
  • Organizational Reporting
  • Multi-Shop Messaging
  • +$99/m per additional store

Additional Information

All plans are month-to-month recurring subscriptions
All plans pricing is subject to change
Maintenance releases are provided for all current customers
Basic support is available through customer portal
Customizations to RedCow POS are available for an additional cost. Quotes can be requested on the customer portal.